Forex Trading

By | May 23, 2020

Forex Trading Part 4: Trade several strategies simultaneously This book is Part 4 of the series “Forex Trading” by Heikin Ashi Trader Traders who specialize in forex trading tend to trade only one strategy at a time. They do this because they believe it is superior to other trading methods. Unfortunately, this approach makes them vulnerable to the ups and downs of this single strategy. However, by distributing profit and loss over several strategies, the trader creates an indifference towards the series of losses of each single strategy. If he looks at it as an investment security in his portfolio, just like a stock or a fund, he gets a more objective view on what is going on in the markets. Table of contents 1. Why you should trade several strategies at once! 2. Less volatility in the capital curve 3. How many strategies should you trade simultaneously? 4. Is it possible to diversify, even with small accounts? 5. When should you start using leverage? 6. Forex trading is a business

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