Japan Has Y1,971.0 Billion Current Account Surplus

By | May 13, 2020
Japan Has Y1,971

Japan had a current account surplus of 1,971.0 billion yen in March, the Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday – down 32.1 percent on year.

That was shy of expectations for a surplus of 2,210.6 billion yen and down from the 3,168.8 billion yen surplus in February.

The trade balance showed a surplus of 103.1 billion yen – down 85.2 percent on year. Exports sank an annual 12.2 percent to 6,197.4 billion yen, while imports fell 4.2 percent to 6,094.3 billion yen.

The capital account showed a deficit of 44.1 billion yen and the financial account saw a surplus of 3,209.6 billion yen.