Germany Producer Prices Rise Unexpectedly

Germany’s producer prices rose unexpectedly in January, data from Destatis showed on Thursday. The producer price index rose 0.2 percent year-on-year in January, reversing a 0.2 percent decrease seen in December. Economists had expected a 0.4 percent fall. Among the components, prices for non-durable consumer goods grew 3.6 percent annually in January and those of durable consumer goods and capital goods rose by 1.4 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, prices for intermediate goods and energy declined by 1.5 percent and 1.0 percent, respectively. On a monthly basis, producer prices increased 0.8 percent in January, following a 0.1 percent rise in the previous month. Economists had expected prices to remain unchanged. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company –…

BTC analysis for 02.20.2020 – Crash on the BTC as we expected, our both downwarrd targets are met but potential for even

Industry news:Brendan Blumer, the CEO of – the publisher of EOS, has said that Bitcoin isn’t money and that it never will be. However, he believes that it’s the “next generation of gold.” His tweets came as a response to Peter Schiff, who once again bashed Bitcoin.Blumer has been consistent in his views of Bitcoin. He has previously said that it shares core values with gold, as well as supply integrity. Moreover, he also believes that “anyone egregiously attacking one in favor of the other is undermining both, while highlighting their own insecurities in regards to their chose favorite.”Indeed, many people have compared Bitcoin to Gold in the past. One of them was the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell. He said that Bitcoin is “a store of value; it’s a speculative store of value, like gold.”Technical analysis:BTC has been trading downwards as I expected. Both my targets at $9.828 and $9.614 have been reached but there is still room for further downside. Watch for selling opportunities on the rallies with the next main target at the price of $9.060.Watch for potential downside rotation if you see bear continuation pattern like bear flag on hourly or 4H time-frame….

Gold 02.20.2020 – Overbought condition and resistance on the test at $1.617

Technical analysis:Gold has been trading upwards. The price tested the level of $1.618. I see resistance at the level of $1.617 (Upper diagonal of Pitchfork channel), which is indication that Gold is overbought zone and that buying looks risky at this stage.Watch for potential downside rotation if you see any topping pattern or bearish divergence on the lower time-frames. Downside objectives are set at the price of $1.604 and $1.593.Stochastic oscillator is showing overbought condition, which adds even more risk for buyers. Major resistances is set at the price of $1.617 Support levels are set at the price of $1.604 and $1.593The material has been provided by InstaForex Company –…

EUR/USD for February 20,2020 – Broken downard well-defined channel, posibility for the bigger rally towards the 1.0860

Technical analysis:EUR/USD has been trading sideways at the price of 1.0790. I found that there is the breakout of the well defined downward channel in the background, which is sign that buyers are taking control over buyers and the rally is very possible.Rising black trend line – Possible pathDownside diagonals – Broken downward channelYellow rectangle – Support clusterWatch for buying opportunities with the main upward targets at the price of 1.0835 and 1.0858.MACD oscillator is showing 3-pushes down and bullish divergence, which is good confirmation for our long bias.Major support is set at the price of 1.0760 Resistance levels and upwardThe material has been provided by InstaForex Company –…

Trading recommendations for EURUSD pair on February 20

From a comprehensive analysis, we see another slowdown in the area of lows, where downward interest is still a priority. Now, about the details. A steady bearish interest is striking in its stability, where a move of more than 440 points has been formed since the beginning of the year. This value hides not just a movement but the structure of the global trend. So the theory of downward development is now in the center of everyone’s attention since the euro updates local minimums almost on a daily basis. Psychological ranges (1.0700/1.0850; 1.0500/1.0700; 1.0000//1.0350//1.0500) increase the interest of speculators, however, they are alarming since there may be a stop with a reverse surge at any moment. If we consider the theory in terms of the medium-term course, it is too early to worry since the main flow of emotions will come during price fluctuations in the range of 1.0000//1.0350//1.0500 where without the support of the information background, speculators will not get along.
In terms of volatility, we see a sharp slowdown of 35% relative to the average daily indicator and the regularity of past periods has shown that such significant stops bring new bursts of activity.
Analyzing the past day…

Chinese Yuan Slides To More Than 2-month Low Against U.S. Dollar

The Chinese yuan declined against the U.S. dollar in the Asian session on Thursday, as China reduced interest rates to prevent the adverse impact of the coronavirus outbreak. On Thursday, China cut the one-year loan prime rate or LPR by 10 basis points in order to lower financing costs for businesses. The five-year rate was reduced to 4.75 percent from 4.8 percent. The yuan fell to 7.0256 against the greenback, its lowest level since December 12. The next possible support for the yuan is seen around the 7.2 level. The People’s Bank of China set today’s central parity rate of the yuan at 7.0026 per dollar, compared to Wednesday’s rate of 7.0012. The Chinese central bank sets central parity rate every morning and allows the yuan to fluctuate up to 2 percent from that level. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company –…

Markets gone mad

Good afternoon, dear traders!
I think I will not surprise anyone if I say that at a very interesting time we live and trade. Recently, the market has changed a lot, and this, in my opinion, is connected with the economic crisis, which, in my opinion, is already underway. The trigger was the Chinese epidemic of coronavirus. This virus, in addition to casualties, brought incredible fear, which pushed gold to distance.
But the most affected are the currencies. Everything falls – the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and absolutely ignoring the positive news on base currencies.
EUR/USD has been falling recoilless already on the 14th day as part of a common two-year fall! Look at the stories – when did this happen and at what events? The last time this happened is in 2018, and before that during the crisis in 2014.
You, of course, say that everything is bad in the eurozone! Let’s look further.
GBP/USD completely ignores the positive news in the country’s economy.
AUD/USD plummets to good employment, breaking through the lows of 2018 and 2019: The “fear indicator”, gold, is at its highest point in the last 7 or 8 years, completely ignoring…

Dutch Consumer Confidence Decline Slows In February

Dutch consumer confidence decline slowed in February, data from the Central Bureau of Statistics showed on Thursday. The consumer confidence index rose to minus 2 in February from minus 3 in January. A similar reading was seen in December. Nonetheless, the consumer confidence index has remained above the 20-year average of minus 5 points. The economic climate sub-index rose to minus 5 in February from minus 7 in the previous month and the indicator for willingness to buy increased to 1. Households’ assessment regarding their financial situation for the next 12 months improved. However, consumers felt that it is favorable to make large purchases. Another report from the statistical office showed that household spending growth increased in December with higher purchases of home furnishing, electrical appliances, and cars. Consumer spending grew 2.9 percent annually in December, after a 1.4 percent increase in November. This was the highest since July 2018, when it was 3.0 percent. The material has been provided by InstaForex Company –…